Dr. William Lile to Speak at 2017 Oasis Fundraising Banquet

Oasis Medical Center’s 12th Annual Fall Fundraising Banquet, Imagine That, will be held:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


First Baptist Church

Fellowship Hall

Our speaker, Dr. William Lile, is a true defender of life. He was called “the best friend that the unborn could ever have,” by Dr. James Dobson. 

Dr. William Lile is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and is the former OB/GYN Department Chair at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. In 1999, Dr. Lile and a partner bought out the largest abortion provider in Pensacola. Along with putting an immediate stop to abortion procedures and referrals at the clinic, Dr. Lile and his partner included a clause in the contract: the man who at one time had led the area in abortions had to agree to leave the region if he wanted to keep trafficking in abortion.

Upon selling the building, the abortionist left behind all of his equipment. Lile and his partner immediately set out to put the tools once used for performing abortions to good use for the first time, starting with a simple educational talk for their local church. Using these instruments, Lile also made four simple, non-graphic videos. These videos have gained close to a million views combined. Find more information about Dr. Lile at his website, ProLifeDoc.org.

Even though Dr. Lile will not be using these instruments in his keynote address for the 2017 Oasis Fundraising Banquet, his presentation will be engaging and informative. Please make plans to join OMC on Tuesday, November 7th in the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 7:00pm. Call Oasis Medical Center at 662.287.8001 to reserve your space.